Month: October 2015

Readathon: Debriefing

This past Saturday I participated in Dewey’s 24 hour readathon. I had an absolute blast and I am already looking forward to the next one in April 2016. I did a little bit of everything this time. I cheered, I hosted a mini challenge, and I read. I also socialized a lot.

Below are my answers to the closing survey.

Which hour was most daunting for you?

Hour 19 when I threw in the towel and went to sleep for a bit. 
Could you list a few high-interest books that you think could keep a Reader engaged for next year?

You can’t go wrong with Harry Potter but in general, some easy books that aren’t too long are great to have in your stack. 
Do you have any suggestions for how to improve the Read-a-thon next year?

I honestly don’t. I think it’s so well organized and executed already but I am excited to support and participate in any changes. 

What do you think worked really well in this year’s Read-a-thon?

It was really easy to cheer for blogs. I got through the list quite fast and I even had time to cheer on the rogue. 

How many books did you read?

I finished one book and started a second book but I didn’t start and finish a book during the readathon. 

What were the names of the books you read?

The Picture of Dorian Gray and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Which book did you enjoy most?

I enjoyed Dorian Gray I suppose haha

Which did you enjoy least?

Also Dorian Gray 😉
If you were a Cheerleader, do you have any advice for next year’s Cheerleaders?

I found it helpful to divide my day into activities. I cheered first thing, then I moved on to my mini challenge with some cheering peppered in and finally, I got some reading done at night. I think just taking it easy and having fun is important. Cheering shouldn’t be stressful. 

How likely are you to participate in the Read-a-thon again? What role would you be likely to take next time?

I am definitely participating again! I will cheer, host a mini challenge and read. 


Readathon: Updates

I’m going to make this my update post since I figure that nobody wants to get a million alerts from me today. We are almost at hour 9 and so farI haven’t done much in the way of reading but I’ve been cheering and perusing the entries to my readathon kids challenge! I decided to extend the challenge until the end of the readathon so keep those pics coming. I love seeing all the kids reading, and children’s books being read.

I did not finish The Picture of Dorian Gray last night (I didn’t read at all) so that will be the first book I tackle when I finally get around to reading today. Once I finish that I will be diving into Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and if I manage to finish that today I’ll start on Percy Jackson and the Olympians The Lightning Thief. Not too lofty, right? I think I can get it done.

Hour 14

I still haven’t read a word today haha. I’ve been so into socializing, cheering and just living life but I’ve had a blast so far. Going to pick up Dorian Gray now. Hope to finish tonight so I can start Chamber of Secrets. 


Readathon Kids Challenge!

Welcome to HOUR FOUR! I am so thrilled to be hosting a mini challenge this readathon. My first readathon was in October of last year and I am so glad that I decided to participate. This community of readers welcomed me with open arms and I am only sorry I didn’t find it sooner. Celebrating books and reading is a wonderful thing and I love to be able to spread the excitement.

This is intended to be an Instagram challenge but if you don’t have an Instagram account and would like to participate you can do so via Twitter. I will be checking the hashtag on both Twitter & Insta.

The challenge:

Sharing our love of books with the next generation is fun. During the readathon you might find yourself in the company of future readers. Perhaps you’re pregnant and in the habit of reading to your bump, or maybe you have a new baby, toddler, sibling, niece, nephew etc. Maybe you don’t have any kids around you today but you are enjoying some children’s classics. Take a picture of your toddler’s readathon stack, or of your baby looking through a book. Kids and books, let your creativity lead you. Use props, recreate a book cover… Whatever you do make sure to use the hashtag #readathonkids 😀

The prizes:

  • A copy of a Wrinkle in Time by Madeline L’Engle (must be resident of the US since I’ll be shipping you the book)
  • A $10 giftcard to Book Depository (open to international participants!)

I will be choosing two winners during hour 8 of the challenge which means you have 4 hours to participate. If you are a winner and under the age of 18 please get your parent/guardian’s permission before sharing your mailing address. Safety is important! If you have any questions leave them in the comments or contact me at the following:

Twitter: iron__gall 

Instagram: scandelis_d

I can’t wait to see your pics!

ETA I have decided to extend the challenge until the end of the readathon so keep those pics coming! I am loving looking through the hashtag 🙂 -Abby


Readathon: Opening Meme

1) What fine part of the world are you reading from today?

Florida, United States

2) Which book in your stack are you most looking forward to?

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

3) Which snack are you most looking forward to?

I’m doing Whole30 so I can’t have my favorite snack but I’m looking forward to snacking on pistachios and sunflower seeds. 

4) Tell us a little something about yourself!

I was born in Puerto Rico, lived in Botswana for 8 years, moved to New Orleans for college and then to Florida for grad school and I’ve been here ever since. 

5) If you participated in the last read-a-thon, what’s one thing you’ll do different today? If this is your first read-a-thon, what are you most looking forward to?

I’ll be hosting a challenge right here on my blog during hour 4 as well as cheering and reading! I’m doing a bit of everything this readathon and I’m SO excited! 

Book Fridays: Last chance for readathon prep

Dewey’s 24 hour readathon is tomorrow. Are you ready? In my previous post I talked about my approach to the readathon and how I prepare for it. Now that I’m down to the wire I realize that I don’t have my stack fully worked out! I have plenty to choose from so this is really a non-issue but I’m tempted to make a library run for two books I really want to read.

My meal and snacking choices are dictated by what’s Whole30 approved. I started the program on Monday and I’m already experiencing results so I intend to stick with it for the full 30 days. It won’t be easy! I have created some bookish snacks that I haven’t been able to eat such as these book pastries and these fruit leather and cheese books. I won’t be eating these but I’ll still be making them for Diego who will be my reading buddy (he even has his own readathon stack!). Doing Whole30 means that I have to prioritize meal planning for tomorrow as I can’t be putting things in my mouth absentmindedly. I plant to have plenty of fruit and veggies on hand. I’ll be prepping them tonight so I don’t have to do much tomorrow.

I will be cheering, reading, and hosting a mini challenge so I know that there is little chance that I’ll finish more than one book but the readathon is so much more to me than that. I will have a great day no matter how much I end up reading. I hope to finish the book I’m currently reading tonight so that I can start a new book tomorrow. I’m one of those readers who is loathe to have more than one book going at the same time. The Picture of Dorian Gray has been one of those reads that’s annoying and infuriating but something about it keeps me invested. I have no problems dropping a book I’m not into but I am into Dorian Gray and I don’t know why!

Will you be participating in the readathon? Let me know in the comments!

Happy reading tomorrow (and always 🙂 )

Book Fridays: The readathon is coming!

Dewey’s 24 hour readathon is coming up on Saturday the 17th! Have you signed up? If you’ve never participated I strongly urge you to do so. It is a fun event for readers of all ages and if you love to volunteer your time they could really use all the help they can get! You can sign up here and poke around to see how you can get involved if you’re into that 🙂

I first heard about the readathon last October via Rincey of Rincey Reads on YouTube. I wasn’t sure I could participate but I ended up reading the entire day and had a lot of fun reading updates and blog posts from readers around the world. If you’ve never done a readathon I think Dewey’s is the perfect place to start because it’s all about having fun. You don’t have to read for the full 24 hours (although you certainly CAN) and there are lots of bookish activities and challenges going on for the full 24 hours. A celebration of books and reading is the best way I can describe the readathon.

How do you prepare for a readathon?

Personally, I like to prepare my stack in advance. My first readathon was spent with The Mists of Avalon. I devoted all of my reading time to just the one book and that’s a valid plan of action. The following readathon I lined up a variety of books of varying lengths which resulted in completing a couple of books. That made me feel accomplished. My advice would be to have a variety of books to choose from. You just never know what you’ll be in the mood for once you get going. I’m firmly on team print books AND ebooks. I love my Kindle and I have a few books to choose from on there, too.

Visit your local library

If you have a reading list bigger than your bank account you are not alone! If I were to purchase every book I wanted to read I would be broke. In planning your reading for the readathon I would suggest visiting your local library if you’re able to do so and if your library has Overdrive (or has some other way to loan ebooks) take advantage of that as well. I now have a to be purchased list of all the books I borrowed that I now want to own.

Don’t forget to shop your bookshelves and even your friends bookshelves. Just make sure to take excellent care of their books. Nobody likes to get dog eared copies back. There are also plenty of books in the public domain that are available in ebook format for free.

If you have some coin to spend check out I recently purchased a few books from them and although visibly well loved they are still in great reading condition.

Plan ahead

This might sound like overkill to some but I like to plan for the readathon by making meals ahead and basically having nothing to do but read. Of course this is all relative as I have a toddler and so diaper changes and as of recently, potty visits will be happening throughout the day. I also think it’s important to take breaks, rest your eyes, stretch your muscles etc. And of course we need to eat! Snacks are a must and they can be as healthy or junk-y as you want.

Have fun

I think the most important aspect of the readathon is to have fun. Get your whole family involved. Pick up a comic or graphic novel. You aren’t limited to any format either, ebooks, print books and audiobooks are all readathon material.

I will be hosting a mini challenge on Saturday. There will be prizes! I am so excited to cheer, read and keep up with readathon happenings. I probably won’t finish a book but I sure will have plenty to read.


Diego’s readathon stack!


Book Fridays: War Against All Puerto Ricans by Nelson A. Denis

The United States has been committing atrocities since its inception. I’m not being hyperbolic. I am stating a fact. Most U.S. citizens have a very limited and misinformed view of Puerto Rico. The history and current relationship between the United States and this colony is not something that many people know too much about. The United States acquired Puerto Rico from Spain in 1898 and since then it has subjected it to its rule. The US government turned Puerto Rico into a single crop economy and the effects of this financial misstep can be felt today. From sterilizing Puerto Rican women without their knowledge or consent, to infecting people with cancer, the history and doings of the US government are an indictment of the tyranny of imperialism.

Puerto Rico has never been given the chance to govern herself. After more than a century of exploitation I am not sure that independence is even possible but the deepest recesses of my heart are screaming, “Que viva Puerto Rico libre!”

This book is well researched and beautifully written. I think everybody should read it. I think everybody should know about how Puerto Rico fought for independence and how those who fought hardest paid with their lives. Knowing our history can only make us better.