Book Fridays: The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova

This book was sitting on my shelf for a while and when I picked it up I was unsure as to whether or not I had read it. I bought this book in the days before I logged my reading on Goodreads so I had nowhere to look for clues. I decided to just read it and if it turned out I had already read it then it would turn into a re-read. The beginning felt a little familiar so I looked to Goodreads reviews for a refresher. What I found were very harsh, passionate reviews dissing this book to hell and back. Seriously, it was scary to read the bad reviews. I read it anyway and I really enjoyed it!

The book is long and a little slow-paced. Personally, the pacing was fine for me but I will concede that I can see how it would be a sticking point for others. The writing is beautiful and detailed. In all, this book is possibly not everybody’s cup of tea. The epilogue bugged me as I found it unnecessary and I wish it had been left out.

This story is about vampires, more specifically it’s about Dracula but it’s different. It’s an academic approach to the story. I was hesitant to use the word academic because it feels a bit stuffy but that’s the best way I can describe it. The amount of research that went into writing this book is significant and woven together beautifully. I am only sad that I didn’t read it sooner.

If you’re into vampire stories this is worth checking out.