Book Fridays: The Virgin

There is a way to prepare for the release of a highly anticipated book. Whenever I am desperate to read I tend to shirk some responsibilities. I think most readers can relate. The dishes pile up until I can tear myself away from my book long enough to wash them, meals are thrown together carelessly, and the living room is a mess of toys, blankets and couch cushions. This time I was prepared. Meals were planned and prepped, I woke up early so that I had a couple of hours of reading time before my son woke up, and I kept him entertained enough so that I could sneak in chapters while pretending to watch him intently (I’m an amazing mother). Nap time provided me with more reading time and then I finally took a break before diving right back into the book once everyone was fed, bathed, and put to bed.

I could not pace myself with this book. I read it in a day. Being back with these characters, learning new details about their stories was exhilarating and calming at the same time. Because this is the seventh book in this series I was already invested. There were a lot of things I loved, but there were also some things I did not like as much. For one thing, the relationship between Nora and Kyrie didn’t feel genuine. The whole time I felt as though Nora (Elle) was just pretending for Kyrie’s sake so it puzzled me when they parted ways and Nora was so heartbroken over it. I did enjoy learning about how Nora became a writer but Kyrie felt like a means to an end.

Having said the above, the writing is just as wonderful as it always is. I could read anything Reisz writes. She’s that good. I loved seeing our trinity so happy and carefree in the present, having gone through all that they have gone through together. I especially loved reading about Kingsley and Juliette. Their story is one of my favorites, possibly because King is my favorite. Overall, it was a solid addition to the series and I look forward to the next instalment.




  1. Thanks for introducing me to this author. I’m going to check her style of writing, because you posted that she’s that good.

  2. We have in the bookstore: The King, The Saint and The Virgin. I started reading the last one but after a few pages Soren was sliding into Nora’s wetness and I figured out that I can’t get tips from this novel to apply to my YA novels. But the writing is good. I get the erotica and kink, just wondering if there is also a plot.

    1. Starting with the Siren is a must. The plot is the reason I kept reading haha. No amount of sexy scenes would keep me invested. The writing is good, I agree!

  3. Just finished The Virgin and loved it. My problem is that I have so many highly anticipated books this week that my house may be a mess for a while.

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