Happy New Year!

The holidays are almost over but the New Year is already here. As usual, I’m feeling full of possibility and optimism. What do I want to do this year? Well, blogwise I have seen how it’s evolved. I started this blog to document my life as a mother but it didn’t take long for it to veer off course. My blog has evolved, it is currently a veritable hodgepodge of topics, much like my life. I cannot commit to talking about only one thing. That’s just not who I am right now. I like to dabble in various things and now that I have a blog I have a platform on which to explore various parts of who I am.

Out of all the series I have done on my blog Book Fridays is my favorite. I have always loved reading but I didn’t really have a space on which to collect my thoughts about specific books and reading in general. Blogging about what I’m reading helps me organize my thoughts and feelings better. It also provides me with notes I can refer back to later when I can’t remember what a book was about. Also, I find that when I write about something I force myself to really think about it and recall it better later. There’s also the added bonus of meeting fellow readers and hopefully turning them onto a book they hadn’t heard of/hadn’t considered before.I’m setting myself the goal of reading more in 2015.

I still love cooking and sharing recipes so I will definitely be sharing more of those this year. In particular, I want to explore gluten free and vegan cuisine. For no particular reason other than culinary curiosity. I have no plans to stop baking cookies and the like but I want to vary the recipes I share.

On January 6th we will be celebrating Epiphany/Three Kings Day. For me, it’s a cultural celebration. I want Diego to know about this tradition. This year, he made out like a bandit on Christmas so I’m actually hesitant to give him the gifts I have set aside for him. He has more toys I am comfortable with but what can you do? My own gift giving plans went out the window this year and the results are so laughable that I am almost ashamed to link you to the post I wrote about gift giving last year.

Like most people I have a laundry list of things I want to do but I want to keep my goals simple for this coming year, so I’m sticking to doing more of what makes me happy. You can never go wrong with that. I will plan things as the year goes on but I’m not setting myself up with a long list of lofty ideas that will probably not get done.

I wish you all a wonderful year ahead. I hope to see you around 😉