Water- not just a refreshing drink!

September 14, 2o14- Diego said his first word.

I am not going to count “mama” which he started saying at 8 months, or any of the other words he has tried to repeat after us. I am counting this particular word as his first word because it was the first time he has said any word, unprompted, and out of his own will. We had just come home from a quick trip to Ocala and had unloaded the car. We hadn’t yet unpacked or put anything away so a gallon of water was sitting on our entry table. As I chatted on the phone with my mom Diego walked up to the table, pointed at the water and said “agua” he then walked off like it was nothing. He had said it so clearly that you wouldn’t think it was his first time saying the word. I got goosebumps. It was an exciting thing to witness and even though I don’t have video of that moment I will never forget it.

I think there are things that are better in our memories. It was a moment I alone shared and one that I will treasure. Always.

Hearing say that first word is something I have been looking forward to since he was born. I can’t wait to have conversations with him, to be annoyed at all the questions he will ask. What an honor that will be. Even though he is most definitely a late talker I can tell that things are starting to happen. He is becoming more vocal and eager to try out saying things. Books have always been something he enjoys. I often find him sitting on his little chair engrossed in a book. He always holds them up the right way and flips the pages. He makes it look like he is actually reading. I love reading to him and now he is requesting it. Just the other day I read the same two books to him over an over again. He was happy to sit in my lap and listen. He even knows when to turn the page. It is a truly humbling experience to see a child learning. It is an active, dynamic process that happens so quickly it’s difficult to comprehend.

Even though Diego’s first word is something that is only exciting to me and those that love him I really wanted to share his progress in this front.






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