Who has time to be perfect?

I thought I would share some of the less glamorous things that go on around here. We aren’t all balanced meals and green juice. I try to incorporate lots of the good stuff into our diet, and I do my best to limit the amount of television that Diego watches. I don’t really schedule our days, I like for things to happen organically. One weekend we walked to the canal and fed the ducks, other days we just walk around looking at the different front lawns. Exercise is important and I try to ensure that Diego has the chance to be active and burn all of that energy but some weeks we are more sedentary than active.

Some days I make mac and cheese out of the box, chicken nuggets out of the freezer, and we have ice-cream for dessert. Some days I am so tired that I can’t hold off until nap time, so I put Diego in his crib and turn on the Bubble Guppies on the desktop computer in his room. I sleep for about an hour after which guilt compels me to get up and shut off the toons. We often stay in our pjs until late afternoon. The house is in a state of disarray a lot of the time. Our house is clean but it does get messy. Wooden blocks, stacking cups, and bouncy balls don’t always get put away.

Blogging can have us seeing our lives through rose colored lenses. We put out the best part of ourselves, our best days, our best face. It’s not reality. We all have our lazy days where we barely lift a finger, eat some unhealthy fast food, and veg out in front of the couch. There are things I don’t skimp on, hygiene is one of them. Daily baths, tooth brushing, and hand washing are things that never get skipped. But the other stuff? Meh, it’s nothing that won’t keep for another day.

Right now I am trying to move towards clean eating. I am more cautious about what I make available to us and what brands we use. One of the hardest things sometimes is coming up with different lunches for Diego and I during the week. I am not aiming for a perfectly balanced diet, but I am making some improvements here and there. I think that’s the stuff of life, getting better, learning new things, making some changes, striving towards goals we set for ourselves.

Now more than ever it’s very easy to compare our lives, our parenting styles, and our beliefs to others’. We have access to people’s lives like never before, and some look pretty perfect. I know I don’t, and I’m perfectly fine with that.