Shopping for clothes

When it comes to clothes for Diego, I’ve always been a less is more kind of person. Partly, because I find the selection of clothes that aren’t pink and glittery is slim. When I was pregnant I didn’t buy many outfits for Diego. I think I bought a handful towards the end of my pregnancy but for the most part the majority of his clothes were given to us as gifts. We had just enough to get by. I really liked this because the thought of having so many clothes that some would be outgrown before he had the chance to wear them disturbed me. I feel like we really got a lot of use out of the clothes he had.

As he grew I would supplement his wardrobe with whatever he needed. I don’t think I’ve ever paid full price for any of the clothes I’ve bought him. I’ve shopped at Babies R Us, Buy Buy Baby, Ross, Target, Walmart, and Gymboree. Now, I’ll start off by stating that I dislike Walmart. I don’t agree with their treatment of their employees, etc. I shop there are little as possible but I have picked up a couple of pieces here and there. Namely pajamas. They’ve been of decent quality.

What I have found is that Carter’s clothes hold up really well after multiple washes and they’re generously sized so that the child has room to grow. I think I have gotten the most use out of Carter’s brand clothing. Carter’s also makes cheaper clothing under the Child of Mine label, and Just One You (sold at Target). The target line has been a huge hit for me. I love Target and the Just One You brand has not disappointed me yet.

If you use cheaper clothes you will need more of them because they will wear down pretty quick whereas if you spend a little more you will get a lot more use out of them. In a way, clothes are an investment. Diego has a few outfits from Gymboree that he has worn a lot and they still look brand new. You can feel the quality of the clothes just by touching them.

Being a smart shopper means saving where you can without sacrificing quality. This past weekend we went into Gymboree and found a few pieces that we needed. Our total came to around $30. Not too bad for a pair of jeans, shorts, and two shirts. Gymboree allows you to use coupons on sale items which means that you can maximize your savings by shopping when they’re having a sale.


I’ll be honest, on days that we don’t leave the house Diego usually spends most of the day in his pajamas. Usually until after his nap. He gets to be comfortable and I don’t add to my ever growing pile of laundry. On hot days he runs around in a tank top or t-shirt, and a diaper. I keep it simple. If I’m in yoga pants and a shirt, he can be in his pajamas. I wonder if this makes me a lazy mother, haha.



  1. Gymboree is structured similar to Gap/Banana Republic/Old Navy. Only with them it is Janie & Jack (high end), Gymboree and then Crazy 8’s. My son is six and a half and the bulk of his wardrobe comes from Targets C9 line (sports gear) and Crazy 8’s. It is better quality than Old Navy IMO. We had 3 growth spurts this year – I bought pants/jeans 3 times (even w/ room to grow) I’ve given up on shoes all together 🙂

    1. Thanks for stopping by 🙂 We don’t have the other two stores in my area, and I’d never heard of them. I’ll be on the look out for Crazy 8s in the future. Thanks for the tip!

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