Check-in Wednesday

Okay, so it’s practically Sunday but I am still going to do this check-in since it’s related to one of my goals this year. I wanted to share a week’s worth of toddler dinners but I didn’t get around to taking a picture every night. It is difficult when a gremlin is demanding food to do anything but feed it. I don’t if it’s past midnight…

Here are five dinners that Diego either scarfed down or picked at. I don’t believe in forcing him to eat. I let him explore and taste on his own. I encourage him to give it a try but if he doesn’t want to eat, that’s fine. I won’t prepare something else because as I think I’ve mentioned before I don’t want to give him the impression that I am his personal chef. Another thing I do not believe in is forcing him to finish his food. I think this creates a negative relationship with food and I recently read somewhere that children who were forced to clear their plates have higher chances of becoming obese as adults because they are taught to eat beyond satiation. 

Deconsrtructed fajitas: flank steak, tortilla triangles, avocado wedges, shredded cheese and tomato. 

French toast with Maple syrup, greek yogurt, strawberries and animal crackers (these were by request, haha)

Shredded pork with white rice. There were some veggies in there…

I didn’t manage to take a picture of Diego’s plate but this is basically what he ate. Homemade vegetarian spring roll and chicken with snow peas. 

Pasta shells with broccoli and Alfredo sauce.