Check-in Wednesday

I’ve finally started exercising again and I am very happy about that. I finally found a jogging stroller that was both affordable and doesn’t look cheap. I had my heart set on the BOB brand jogging stroller but to he honest I am not a runner, yet, and might never be. So it didn’t seem wise to spend so much money on a stroller that is so clearly geared towards actual runners. Jogging strollers must have a wrist strap and a front wheel that locks straight in order for them to be safe at high speeds. Since I am only planning on walking and doing some light jogging I decided that a suspension system was not something I need. The City Elite jogging stroller was another that I liked and it was a little less expensive than the BOB. I liked everything about it, the rubber handle, the size and feel of it. In fact, I liked it better than the BOB. In the end we went with the Eddie Bauer Endurance. Target had it on sale for $149.00. It’s a lot more compact than other jogging strollers we looked at. So many of them just feel huge and bulky. The stroller came with a parent tray (for keys and drinks) and a child snack tray. Diego has already enjoyed propping his feet up on it. 

The air filled tires glide along smoothly on the sidewalk and our sidewalks here are very uneven so that was a difference that I noticed immediately. It handles just as well as our Britax B-Agile in that it is light weight and responsive. I don’t feel like I am pushing something heavy. The canopy is smaller than I would like but it does the job. On the negative side, some of the things that are lacking/lesser than more expensive strollers. Firstly, the spokes are plastic rather than metal. The seat isn’t as comfortable looking and the harness is just ok. It’s not a perfect stroller by any means but it is perfect for my purposes. 

I thought about getting rid of our other stroller but this jogging stroller has huge wheels and would take up to much trunk space if it even fits at all. Also, it’s just big in general and I don’t like to bump into things when we are out in a crowded place so our of consideration to the world (and because we can afford to keep both) I am going to have two strollers for now. 

Food-wise we have been very bad this week. I have cooked some but we’ve also gone out a couple of times. Tonight, we ended up at Chuck E. Cheese’s  and had pizza. I was expecting some soggy mess but it wasn’t bad at all. The crust was crispy and I love a crispy crust. One of the things we have been trying to do is find kid friendly places where we can take Diego so he can run around and not bother anybody. He much prefers to walk on his own rather than sit in his stroller to be carried. We try to take him to the park as much as we can but sadly there aren’t any nice parks near us. I scoped one out the other day and was disappointed that a) it was sand and b) it wasn’t enclosed with a fence like the other parks we like. I will probably still take him there just to see how he does since he has shown a dislike for sand. 

Back to Chuck E. Cheese’s, I had never been to one before tonight. I liked that upon entering they stamp both parents and child(ren) with a unique number which they check upon exit to make sure you only leave with the kids you brought with you. The place was really clean and the staff were friendly and attentive. They had an area for small kids that includes rides and a play structure like the ones you find at some fast food restaurants. The three of us had a really good time spending the tokens that were included in our combo. It had been a while since I played skee ball and I still suck, ha ha. 

This post is much longer than I anticipated but I guess I have a lot to say! I made really good risotto style rice with leeks and asparagus on Sunday. Diego and I finished the last bit of it today. I also made whole grain mac and cheese with chicken italian sausage. I can’t remember what else I have made so far, we’ve been eating left overs a lot. I love that because it means less time in the kitchen. 

The mess never ends around here, between the daily picking up of toys, folding clothes and keeping the floor crumb free (an impossible task) I feel like I never make a dent in the work. At the same time I am thankful to have the mess because of who makes it. I’d rather have our messy house any day than be without the two that make it.