Check-in Wednesday

This past Sunday was a busy one for us. We have started to develop a little routine of sorts that starts with breakfast at a diner. I love breakfast and I especially love when somebody else makes it. After breakfast we went to the Parkland Farmers’ Market. This market was much larger, and better than the one we went to the weekend before. There was a large variety of vendors and the produce selection was really good. 

Not all produce is locally grown or organic, so it’s important to read labels carefully. Something about an outdoor market feels very magical and I absolutely loved shopping for fruits and veggies this way. I didn’t buy much but I bought enough to cook with for the week. 

After the market we headed to Quiet Waters Park in Deerfield Beach for an auto show. We had an okay time. Diego was fussy because he wanted to walk around unencumbered and therefore protested every time we tried to direct his trajectory. We have reached the willful infant stage and what a difficult stage it is. He cries and whines incessantly if he doesn’t get his way. 

My husband is averse to his crying, especially in public. He feels it’s embarrassing. I do not share his sentiments. I am not embarrassed. It’s normal! The important thing is to consistently correct the behavior. I don’t let him do as he wishes just because I don’t want to hear him cry. Let him cry. I quietly explained to him that if he wasn’t going to cooperate I would have to carry him, which I did. I later put him back in his stroller. He wasn’t happy but he needs to learn what’s appropriate and what is not. As much as it sucks to have him make a scene I need to set limits. 

We didn’t stay as long as we might have but we were there for a while. I like exposing Diego to different environments and just because he’s cranky doesn’t mean we can’t be out and about. I don’t think it’s a good idea to simply give up and go home at the first sign of trouble. If he were older and actually interested in the event then yes, leaving would be a good punishment for naughty behavior, haha. 

We were home by around 1:30pm, just in time for Diego to take his nap. All three of us snoozed until about 3:30pm. 

In the days since the auto show I have contemplated getting a safety harness for Diego for whenever we are in a crowded place. I used to think ill of these but now I feel differently. I’ve read really negative things from people who consider these abominations that reduce kids to pets. Well, kids are much like dogs! I say this in the best way possible. Diego doesn’t listen to me when it doesn’t suit him. 

I found a little cute backpack one from Skip Hop. I’m really considering it. I read some parents say that the solution is to pay attention to your child rather than restrain them. Well, I do pay attention to Diego and this leash isn’t a means to ignoring him. It’s a way for me to control him while we are out. 

I’ve been reading everyday now that Diego is sleeping through the night consistently. It feels very luxurious. Of course, as one thing passes another emerges. 

I’ve been cooking dinner every night. We had broccoli cheese soup on Sunday, stuffed peppers on Monday and tonight we had burrito bowls like the ones from Chipotle. All very delicious and home made.