Where have you been?

It seems as though my best laid plans have been thwarted yet again. I am not a very good blogger. I have never been able to successfully keep a journal. I suppose that having any entries at all counts for something but I meant to document more of our lives than I have. No matter, at least I have lots of photos and videos. 

I read an interesting article in the last week about how taking pictures actually impairs memory. I can’t remember exactly but it basically said that by being more interested in capturing moments on film we spend less time in the moment, so our memory is not as sharp. 

There are only five more days until Christmas and I still haven’t sent out my Christmas cards! I will later today, I’m just waiting for the glue to dry. Making my own Christmas cards has been fun but I do wish I had started my project earlier. Christmas shopping is mostly done, thanks in part to Amazon Prime. I love the free shipping and the wide selection of merchandise. It’s really been helpful. 

We somehow ended up at Toys R Us today and let me just say that it was a zoo! So many rowdy kids running around destroying the store along with parents trying to match their kid’s selections to whatever was on the shelves. I can’t even imagine the bedlam that will ensue next week. We found what we were looking for and paid in the electronics department so we were spared the long lines up front. I don’t understand why they only had two registers open. 

I will be posting everyday until the new year but in the mean time here’s a picture of our Christmas tree!