It’s been a while!

Ok, so I’ve been a little lazy here and I don’t really have a reason. I’ve been busy with other things, and sitting down to write a blog post just didn’t happen. It’s hard running around Diego now that he walks. He tries to help himself to everything, I can’t even drink water without him trying to steal my glass. 

Diego’s first tooth is finally visible. It has been a slow and painful process. He’s fine during the day but of course sleeping at night has taken a massive hit, and has been running me ragged. It’s been no fun being sleep deprived for over a year. He’s had his good weeks but overall it’s been more of a miss than a hit. If all of his teeth are going to be this hard on us then we are in for a long turn of miserable nights. 

I still have hope that this will be the night he sleeps for ten hours or more without waking up. I can’t believe I am still this positive, but I guess a part of me know that giving up hope is dangerous for my mental health. 

I am going to be sharing pictures of Diego’s first birthday party in an upcoming post. I am lucky that my sister-in-law and her husband took a ton of pictures that they very kindly shared with me. I think I only took a total of five pictures, which was a total failure on my part. 

Here are a few pictures of the last couple of weeks.