Not a baby, but a toddler

It’s still a little unbelievable that a year has passed since Diego was born. He is not a baby anymore, he’s a toddler. He is now walking. It’s so much fun to see him wobble around and gain confidence with each step. Sometimes I can’t help but think I should be as fearless as he is. To launch myself into things dangers be damned. Of course it would help if I was unaware of the dangers that lurk, a burden that falls squarely on the parents’ shoulders. 

Today he had his wellness checkup with his pediatrician. He had four vaccines and a blood test. It’s always a little hard to see your child in pain but it’s necessary in my opinion. I tend to side with science and facts when it comes to medical decisions so for me, no matter how inconvenient something is at the time the payoff is good health in the long run. 

Our next challenges include weaning Diego off of formula and taking away his bottle. The latter is what I am really worried about because thus far he has seemed uninterested in sippy cups and feeding himself in general. He is fully capable of holding his own bottle or cup but refuses to do so. In the case of the cups he uses them as projectiles. After a sip or two, he tosses them aside. A friend and I are embarking on this bottle embargo together and have promised to send each other a daily pic of our kids using their sippy cups. I hope this makes it fun enough where I will be consistent. 

I think that’s one of the key steps to having success with this. My next step is to do some research and see how other parents have managed this. I know some toddlers take to the cups immediately but there are always the few that prefer the bottle. 

I will keep you all posted. Wish us luck!