Weekend in Clearwater

If you’ve read my Facebook posts then you already know we spent last weekend in Clearwater Beach for a wedding. It did rain off and on but we did manage to visit the beach a couple of times. We didn’t spend much time out in the sun but we did manage to snap a few pictures and dip our feet in the sandy shore. It was Diego’s first time stepping on sand and experiencing the ocean. He wasn’t a fan of the waves. They were quite strong and he quickly protested. 

The wedding was beautiful and Diego managed to be the best behaved baby there (there were two others that I saw). During the ceremony he was mostly silent but when he did babble he whispered. It was funny how he knew that he needed to be quiet. The hotel provided us with a highchair during the reception which was very nice. Overall the Hyatt Regency in Clearwater was amazing. The staff was wonderful throughout our stay. 

Diego fell asleep as soon as the loud music started playing and remained asleep until we stepped out and walked back to our room. I’m sure this is a form of Murphy’s Law. 

We are now done traveling for the time being. We have another wedding in November but until then I look forward to not packing and unpacking. It’s fun to go but all the planning and making sure we have everything we need is tiring. Call me lazy.