First flight

I am back after a little bit of a blog hiatus. Things seem to be settling down around here sleep-wise. Diego is doing a lot better and I am finally breaking some bad habits that involve staying up until much too late. I am making progress and because Diego is sleeping better so am I. I hope to ease back into some much needed exercise and healthier eating. I have a lot of excuses for my backslide into pigging out and the acquisition of some much unwanted poundage but I will spare you all. I am back and that’s what’s important. 

July has turned out to be our busiest month yet. We started it off in Puerto Rico. I hadn’t been back home since our wedding in 2008. I was hesitant to travel with Diego but we decided that the best time for us to visit was June 30 – July 5. It turned out perfectly because I was able to spend my 29th birthday at home, something I hadn’t done in a very long time. 

Because this was our first trip that involved air travel I made sure to plan ahead by packing early and doing my research about traveling with a baby. I didn’t want our first time to leave a bad taste in our mouth and thus discourage us from trips in the future. We found the cheapest tickets on Jet Blue. I really like this airline and will choose it over Spirit any day. In fact, I will never fly Spirit ever again. Their fares seem lower but considering that they charge you for the air you breath once onboard I think that for the average flier who actually has luggage their extortionate additional fees wipe out any savings you may have enjoyed. 

Jet Blue allows for one free checked bag per ticketed passenger. This means we could have had two (since Diego was a lap infant and not a paying passenger all he was allowed was a diaper bag) but we only needed one suitcase along with our carryon. My husband had a backpack as well. We managed to travel pretty light as I didn’t have a carryon, just the diaper bag and that didn’t count towards what we were allowed to bring on board. 

Most airlines will gate-check your stroller and carseat. This allowed us to breeze through the terminal with minimal effort as Diego didn’t need to be carried. If you purchase a seat for your baby you can actually strap the carrier into the seat. As long as the carseat is FAA approved you’re good to go. I’ve also heard that some airlines will allow you to bring the carseat onboard even if you didn’t pay for an extra seat. This of course depends on there being seats available and flight attendant discretion.

On our flight out we were on an Embraer 190. This aircraft has two seats on either side of the aisle. This was perfect for us since it meant that there was no third person for Diego to bother. We gave him a bottle during take-off and he fell asleep. He woke up about an hour later and was in a really good mood. He didn’t make a peep other than a few giggles and babbles. 

Our flight back was pretty much the same except we were on an Airbus 320. This plane has a three by three configuration. We took the window and middle seat so that Deigo wouldn’t inadvertently smack a stranger or try to grab at their magazine or beverage. He once again slept for the first half of the flight. In summation, regarding flying I needn’t have worried. Diego was well behaved and seemed to enjoy observing lots of new things. 


Diego loved getting attention from strangers while waiting for my husband to park the car. 


Getting ready for take-off. While I did have powdered formula with me we decided these ready-made bottles would be a lot easier for us. We brought two with us on each flight and it was all we needed. I think they’re more sanitary than a bottle because once he’s done I just unscrew the nipple and throw it out. With his bottle I would have to rinse it after each use.


Look how much room being short affords you!


Our first unsuspecting victim was my aunt who had no idea we were coming. She was thrilled to meet Diego. 

My grandfather was equally surprised. I don’t think Diego is his first great grandchild but it’s the first one he’s ever met.

On the evening of our arrival we went to our favorite ice-cream shop in town. I had a scoop of coconut and a scoop of passion fruit. It was so good. When we got married my husband’s family ate here every night since it’s located below the hotel they stayed at. 

Diego’s make-shift bathtub.

My dad’s idea of a good time always involves physical activity and/or manual labor. Below are some pictures taken on my parents’ farm.

For my birthday my mom had a cake made by the same lady who made our wedding cake. It was delicious!

Diego had his second haircut during our trip.

We stopped at my grandfather’s office on our way to lunch one day.

On July 4th we spent the day at home with family. 

My cousins on our last night there.

This was taken a few hours before our flight. Diego liked looking at the birds. 

That is a short summary of our trip. It was the best birthday present. I am not usually one to care about birthdays and my husband and I are pretty low key but seeing my family after such a long time was amazing. I also did a lot of eating.Traveling with a baby seemed daunting but with the proper planning it can be as easy as traveling with a baby can be. Of course no two babies are the same, nor are two trips for that matter. We are fortunate that Diego has so far been agreeable to whatever trip we have taken him on.