Month: June 2013


I am always looking for tips and tricks that will help me keep the house tidy and clean with the least amount of effort. Working smarter instead of harder is something that I appreciate now more than ever. 

I try to keep the downstairs as clutter free as possible. Diego’s toys are kept upstairs in his room. Aside from his bouncy seat we don’t really keep any baby gear in the living room area. 

The kitchen and bathrooms are areas that you really can’t get lazy with. They become disgusting quickly and when unexpected guests arrive they are the first to shame you and out you as a slob. 

There is a YouTube channel called Clean My Space that offers helpful cleaning advice and reviews of common cleaning tools and products. The host is friendly and inviting, the videos are quick to watch and the production values are more than decent. 

Here is the link:

One of the things I have learned from watching the channel is how to disinfect without using harsh chemicals. White vinegar is a great deodorizer and even though it smells quite strong the smell does not linger once it dries. Home made cleaning mixtures are something I’ve gotten into because I don’t want Diego ingesting poison. They clean just as well as the stuff you buy at the store but are milder and safer for you and any children you have in your home. 


Walking is on the horizon

Nothing terrifies me more than the prospect of Diego starting to walk. I know it will happen but he’s already proven to be doing things sooner rather than later and later is when I want this to commence. There are many things that I have learned in the past weeks and that is that baby proofing an entire room is pretty much impossible. 

I have the basics covered but no matter what I do the risk of injury exists. Outlets are covered, cables are out of reach. Basically, all choking and strangulation hazards have been neutralized and still I need to keep my eye on him at all times. It’s exhausting, especially since he ignores his toys in favor of anything that he’s not supposed to have. 

I fully expected this of course but I won’t lie and say I am not wishing for a padded room free of furniture and anything else he might bump into. I fully understand that he will get hurt. There is no escaping that fact. Even under the most watchful eye accidents will happen. 

When I think about this I begin to believe that these little bumps and falls are teaching tools. They teach babies cause and effect. They also teach them that the fright of their accident does not mean they are hurt. When Diego toppled over a few weeks ago he immediately panicked. I calmly sat him up, assured him he was ok and walked away. I did not fuss over him, I did not run over to him with a look of panic myself, I simply made it out to be an insignificant event that we do not need to dwell on. 

Babies rely on us to gauge situations they do not understand. If they see us freaking out they will join us in our state. I remind myself of this daily, my cues set him off. He no longer cries when he topples over or even bumps his head. He carries on as if nothing happened. Of course if it were to actually hurt him then he will cry but it’s important to distinguish what’s a legitimate injury and what isn’t. 

As he continues to practice his crawling and standing I straddle the line between fearless explorer and cautious homebody. I think I have a good balance. Diego is working on his. 

The Wow Factory

A friend came to visit for a couple of days and as a result I discovered some interesting places right in my own back yard. One of them was the Wow Factory. I had heard about the Wow Factory before but had never taken the time to visit. 

When we first arrived I thought it reminded me of a slightly more sophisticated version of Discovery Zone. There is laser tag, an obstacle course that you navigate while wearing a harness, a rock climbing wall along with an arcade and food area. The area that interested me was the toddler gym, a padded expanse perfect for Diego to run amok without any worry of injury should he topple over. They offer a membership for $85.00 a month that includes two weekly classes, unlimited use of the gym when no classes are in session, unlimited use of all attractions and birthday party discounts. 

I do not have the budget to accommodate such a monthly expense but for around $10.00 we had a one day pass to the gym for as long as we wanted! We also had access to the rest of the attractions. I think that is a fun way to spend a couple of days every month without breaking the bank. I really want to check out some of the classes because it is probably something that Diego and I would both enjoy. I’d probably also meet other parents. 

The first time you go to the Wow Factory they ask you to sign a waiver. You can choose to have a copy emailed to you. You do not need to sign it on subsequent visits. After you pay you’re given a card that you can load up with money and visit the arcade as well as the other attractions not included with the toddler package. 

Diego really enjoyed himself. I am pretty sure I will take him back a few times each month.


Me time

I’ve mentioned before how I think it’s essential to take time for myself everyday. I cannot be a good mother if I don’t take care of my needs. I need time away from the mess and disorder that surrounds Diego at all times. It’s not a bad thing. I think if I were to try to be supermom I would fail miserably. One of the reasons I started this blog was to document my thoughts and to share them (along with pictures of Diego) with interested friends and family. 

This blog also gives me something to do, which even though it’s related to Diego is something I have complete control over. I like having a little something to look forward to and I love to write. I feel more myself when I am writing. I suppose in a way it’s something else I’ve added onto my plate. How can I complain about no time for anything but I have time to write for two blogs? Well, I make time. Just like I make time to go on walks and shower, I make time to do this. It’s something I am really enjoying even though I don’t know what I am doing. This certainly isn’t a blog fit for public consumption but it makes me happy.