Father’s Day

Today we celebrated my husband’s first Father’s Day with a big brunch at home. Well, it was big for us. I made croissants, cinnamon rolls, scrambled eggs and coffee. It was delicious and we were very full by the time we were done eating. Afterwards I cleaned up while Diego took a nap. 

Lastly, we went to the mall as we needed to visit the Apple Store about a problem with an iPhone. It was a pretty laid back day and we all had a great time. It’s always nice to do something with the people we love. 

Today, as with most commercial holidays I was thinking about what we were celebrating today. It is not a holiday per se but a lot of people make a big deal about it. I think that there are some great fathers out there. I really do. I was lucky enough to grow up having one. He was not perfect but he was there. Especially when it mattered. I can also say without hesitation that my husband is a great father. He doesn’t just kiss him on the forehead on his way out the door. He actually takes care of him. 

Having said that I think that men have it easier when it comes to being a good parent. Most people deem a man a good father simply because his name is on the birth certificate, or because he’s the breadwinner. It is a distinctly male privilege to have the bare minimum earn you some sort of reward. I see and hear about men who do don’t do a damn thing around the house and be proclaimed model husbands. I understand that for some that is  expected and therefore celebrated but I refuse to believe that it makes for a happy marriage. I am of course speaking from personal experience and preference. 

I am fortunate to have a husband that makes an effort to help me when he comes home from work. I tell him this often and I thank him for everything he does. That’s the way it should be. Parents should work together to provide the best environment for their children. This goes beyond actually caring for the child as it spills over to other household duties. A clean home is in the best interest of its inhabitants, as is clean clothes and fresh food. I find that when we work together we get more done and once we are done we feel more bonded. I’m not saying we split everything down the middle. Naturally since I am home all day I do more of it but sometimes I have no choice but to wait until my husband comes home in order to get things done. 

There are times when he comes home exhausted and doesn’t feel well enough to take over from me. That is perfectly fine and understandable. When such days come we readjust. Things don’t get done, we eat cereal for dinner and shift the rest of the routine so that we can function with one man down. 

Today’s breakfast was not healthy, but it was delicious!

As usual, the Apple Store was packed to the gills. Our Genius appointment is for next week. 

Father and son checking out some fancy cars at the mall.  =)

For me, Father’s Day is for celebrating the outstanding fathers out there. The ones who get down and dirty, the ones who parent, the ones who offer support to the mothers, and the ones who sacrifice so that their children have better lives. It’s also a day for remembering the great ones who are no longer with us. Male or female, people in this role are an important part of a child’s life.