I am always looking for tips and tricks that will help me keep the house tidy and clean with the least amount of effort. Working smarter instead of harder is something that I appreciate now more than ever. 

I try to keep the downstairs as clutter free as possible. Diego’s toys are kept upstairs in his room. Aside from his bouncy seat we don’t really keep any baby gear in the living room area. 

The kitchen and bathrooms are areas that you really can’t get lazy with. They become disgusting quickly and when unexpected guests arrive they are the first to shame you and out you as a slob. 

There is a YouTube channel called Clean My Space that offers helpful cleaning advice and reviews of common cleaning tools and products. The host is friendly and inviting, the videos are quick to watch and the production values are more than decent. 

Here is the link:

One of the things I have learned from watching the channel is how to disinfect without using harsh chemicals. White vinegar is a great deodorizer and even though it smells quite strong the smell does not linger once it dries. Home made cleaning mixtures are something I’ve gotten into because I don’t want Diego ingesting poison. They clean just as well as the stuff you buy at the store but are milder and safer for you and any children you have in your home.