The Wow Factory

A friend came to visit for a couple of days and as a result I discovered some interesting places right in my own back yard. One of them was the Wow Factory. I had heard about the Wow Factory before but had never taken the time to visit. 

When we first arrived I thought it reminded me of a slightly more sophisticated version of Discovery Zone. There is laser tag, an obstacle course that you navigate while wearing a harness, a rock climbing wall along with an arcade and food area. The area that interested me was the toddler gym, a padded expanse perfect for Diego to run amok without any worry of injury should he topple over. They offer a membership for $85.00 a month that includes two weekly classes, unlimited use of the gym when no classes are in session, unlimited use of all attractions and birthday party discounts. 

I do not have the budget to accommodate such a monthly expense but for around $10.00 we had a one day pass to the gym for as long as we wanted! We also had access to the rest of the attractions. I think that is a fun way to spend a couple of days every month without breaking the bank. I really want to check out some of the classes because it is probably something that Diego and I would both enjoy. I’d probably also meet other parents. 

The first time you go to the Wow Factory they ask you to sign a waiver. You can choose to have a copy emailed to you. You do not need to sign it on subsequent visits. After you pay you’re given a card that you can load up with money and visit the arcade as well as the other attractions not included with the toddler package. 

Diego really enjoyed himself. I am pretty sure I will take him back a few times each month.