Me time

I’ve mentioned before how I think it’s essential to take time for myself everyday. I cannot be a good mother if I don’t take care of my needs. I need time away from the mess and disorder that surrounds Diego at all times. It’s not a bad thing. I think if I were to try to be supermom I would fail miserably. One of the reasons I started this blog was to document my thoughts and to share them (along with pictures of Diego) with interested friends and family. 

This blog also gives me something to do, which even though it’s related to Diego is something I have complete control over. I like having a little something to look forward to and I love to write. I feel more myself when I am writing. I suppose in a way it’s something else I’ve added onto my plate. How can I complain about no time for anything but I have time to write for two blogs? Well, I make time. Just like I make time to go on walks and shower, I make time to do this. It’s something I am really enjoying even though I don’t know what I am doing. This certainly isn’t a blog fit for public consumption but it makes me happy.