Family time

We went to the Marlins game last night. They played against the Phillies but sadly they played horribly and lost. This doesn’t really matter to me as I enjoy the game for the ambiance and the company. We don’t really live very close to any family, at least not close enough where we are at leisure to see them daily, so whenever we have a chance to get together we usually jump at it. 

Diego went to his first Marlins game a few weeks ago but now that he’s more mobile I worried that he would grow restless. I needn’t have worried. Diego is showing himself to be of the type to quickly adapt to new people and new situations. There are some people to whom he is inexplicably drawn to immediately with little warm-up. Others have to work a little more for his affection but he’s quick to give in. 

It’s sometimes strange to not have Diego grabbing on to me and when we see family there is no shortage of people wanting to hold him. I will be honest, the first few times were difficult for me. I wanted him in my sight at all times. Now I sit back, relax and enjoy having a few moments to myself where I don’t have to untangle my hair from his little fingers or carefully dislodge my necklace from his grasp. 

It’s also good practice for the both of us because we are equally accustomed to being near each other at all times. Diego felt so secure and well cared for with my husband’s family that he didn’t even miss us. I love that! I also love how at ease I felt as my husband and I walked hand-in-hand through the stadium in search of something to eat. All while Diego sat with his family. He wasn’t far away but I remember thinking this an improbable feat in the weeks following his birth. 

I suppose all new parents feel this way. We all have separation anxiety to some degree. Some people are protective to the point where they rob fellow family members the opportunity to interact and get to know the child while simultaneously teaching the child maladaptive behaviors. I want Diego to see us as his home base from which he is free to go out explore and then return to its safety. I surmise it’s harder for me to let go than it is for him.