Sweet potato puree

Out of all the solids he has tried I would say that sweet potatoes are Diego’s favorite. He always finishes his portion of these. I decided to share how I make it. It’s quick and easy and you don’t need expensive equipment to make it. 

As I mentioned in an earlier post I decided to go with the Baby Bullet for my baby food making needs. If you have a food processor already then you don’t need anything else. I tried using my blender but it’s not really good for making smaller portions and when I tried to use mine the results were not good. 

You will need: a food processing apparatus of your choice, a cutting board, a knife, one sweet potato, a vegetable peeler (if you have one but a knife would work as well) and some water. You will also need a place to store extra puree. I choose to steam my vegetables and I have a stainless steel basket for that. You could boil the potatoes or use an electric steamer. 

I cut the potatoes into pieces of a manageable size for the Baby Bullet. 

While I am cutting them up I place a couple of inches of water into the pot I am using to steam the vegetable. I then dump the sweet potato pieces into the basket and put the lid on it. 

I then set my favorite owl timer for twenty minutes. Depending on how large your pieces are and how much you are steaming it could take more or less time. I check them after about 15 minutes. Remember to check the water level and add more as needed. 

The potatoes are done when they are soft enough that you can easily pierce them with a toothpick or skewer. I like to lay them out on a cookie sheet for them to cool before pureeing. 

Once cooled it’s time to put them in the batch bowl and blend away. I initially added a cup of water but found the puree to be too stiff so I added a little more until it was how I wanted it. 

What I like to do is make enough to freeze a little and have a few jars for immediate use. I use this silicone tray that came with the Baby Bullet. A good idea is to freeze the puree and then pop out the servings and place them in a zip lock back labeled with the date they were made. You can then reuse the silicone tray and repeat. 

In addition to the six servings I placed in the freezer I also got four jars out of that one sweet potato. That’s a total of ten servings from a sweet potato that cost me 92 cents!

A nice feature that the Baby Bullet jars have is the date dial that allows you to select the date it was made so you always know when to use it by. 

Lastly you need a hungry baby to eat it all up!

*If you were to make a bigger batch you could even save a little of the potatoes before adding the water and puree them with some seasonings and chicken stock. This would be delicious over pasta with a side of chicken and vegetables. The adults need to eat, too!*