Nap time

Nap time is the quietest time in the house. I used to try to do one of two things during nap time: try to nap myself or try to be productive. There is a third option: do something for yourself. If you want to nap, nap. If you want to sit and stare do it! The first few months were the easiest for me. Diego napped for long periods and I managed to have the house tidy and dinner going by the time L got home. It’s a lot harder to do that now. Diego is full of energy and needs constant interaction. That’s what I devote most of my time to because in my mind that’s why I am a stay-at-home-mom. Sometimes chores pile up and that’s ok. For as long as it takes you to figure things out it’s all right for the house to look as if you’ve just had a baby. 

Living in a two-story affords me some space that will remain unseen by the average guest. I try to keep my living room presentable at all times and the kitchen gets cleaned daily. Upstairs is a different story. Aside from keeping things clean I don’t often keep them tidy. It’s messy up there for days at a time. Thankfully my husband is not averse to household chores and he takes on a large chunk of them. Nobody organizes a drawer like he does and I can admit that he sometimes takes the time to organize mine. Chastising me the entire time, haha. 

When he cleans up after dinner he doesn’t just load the dishwasher. He vacuums the rugs and mops the floors. He doesn’t do anything half way…unlike me. I take shortcuts all the time when it comes to household stuff. I often feel as though there aren’t enough hours in the day. I spend my day playing and caring for Diego. It gets pretty lonely but I multi-task and keep up with friends and family in between feedings and diaper changes. Texting is easiest because you can drop and pick up conversations at your leisure. Words with friends gives me something to do for a few minutes at a time each day and the chat feature gets plenty of use as well. 

I don’t know what I would do without my little group of friends and family who check in on me and keep me entertained and indulge me when I complain about running on no sleep while having so much to do. They’re the same ones who get excited about every picture and video I share with them. They are the reason I don’t feel alone. So thank you to Lucy, Emily, Jessica, Erin, Lydia, Gretchen and my mom. 

The biggest thank you goes out to my husband who blows me away everyday. He’s a hands-on father who can pick up wherever I leave off without missing a step. There are tons of great dads out there and Diego is lucky enough to have one of them. 

This post is brought to you by nap time. The best time to quietly do anything I want without the guilt. I’d try to nap but with my luck he will wake up as soon as I close my eyes.