Introducing solids

I started introducing solids when Diego was four months and a few days old. We started off with rice cereal once a day and slowly moved into vegetables. I knew that I wanted to make his food at home rather than buying pre made. My reasons are twofold: in the long run making his food at home is more economical and I control exactly what goes into it and what does not (namely preservatives). Again, having the time and means to make baby food at home is a privilege and I don’t believe that feeding babies jarred food is bad for them. As far as I know I grew up on ready-made food and I’m no worse for the wear. I’m simply of the mind that if you’re able to, why not? 

Up until a few days ago I was buying baby food at the store while I decided what appliance I would acquire for this purpose. I initially wanted a food processor but the size and price made me reconsider. I then found the Beaba Baby Cook which is a food processor and steamer in one. The Baby Brezza is the same concept. Both retail for at least $100. In the end I went with the Baby Bullet and a steamer basket. I spent about $48 for both so money-wise I’ve already saved. 

So far I am really liking the Baby Bullet. To give you an idea on the savings I’ve paid about $1 for two jars of baby food. That’s about 50 cents a piece. A whole sweet potato cost me 92 cents and I get about 8 servings out of it. That comes out to 11 cents a serving! Of course organic would cost a little more and how much you get depends on the size of the vegetable or fruit but overall you do save money. 

I will still use store bought baby food, especially for times when we will be traveling and transporting home made food that requires refrigeration will not be feasible.